VIP&Influencer Engagement

WG Empire was the first global agency to open an office specifically dedicated to Celebrity Dressing. Since opening our doors between USA and China, we have been cultivating strong relationships with the key players in the fashion and entertainment industry, which we leverage to deliver intelligence and results for our clients. Our approach is extremely strategic and focused because we recognize that each brand’s DNA has to be represented by the people they dress. Because we come to VIP Dressing through the lens of publicity, it is important to our strategy that when celebrities wear clothes, whether on the red carpet or in their daily lives, that it relates in editorial placements that will catch the attention of customers. Brands come to us for our intimate knowledge of the unique Hollywood market, and we deliver the results that are unachievable without a strong team on the ground in New York and Los Angeles. We have also translated this experience to building larger-scale relationships between brands and influencers, through partnerships, collaborations, brand ambassadors and immersion trips.

* services include but not limited to: overseas celebrity and industry products; event filming and production; introduction of overseas celebrity and industry products into China

Creative branding consultation

WG Empire uses its knowledge of the global luxury markets to help brands tell a cohesive and compelling story. We develop unique strategic plans for each client, integrating key elements including media relations, branding, creative consulting, event marketing, strategic partnerships, advertising, and traditional public relations. We help you to create the best solution for your brand on social media, whether it is Instagram feed planning, content production or social media management in general.  

* services include but not limited to: overseas products creative production; marketing video filming and production; sponsorship cooperation; social media operation and management; branding, production and marketing for overseas market

Event Management

From concept to guest list to execution, WG Empire offers a full range of services in event planning and management. Whether it is a fashion show or presentation, store opening, brand launch, magazine release, product introduction, hotel opening or press trip, WG Empire takes a creative and individualized approach to each event that we undertake. Our team works with our clients to define their goals and build a strategy that will create an event to realize their vision. Relationships with venues, location scouts, production teams, synchronistic brands, sponsors and influencers allow us to make almost anything possible.

* services include but not limited to: celebrity attend event as guest to promote your brand/company; creative shooting production for events or shows; PR coordinations for events or shows



PR Services

WG Empire was founded on the idea that great service, strong relationships, strategic thinking, and flawless execution should be the foundation of our work. We are guided by this philosophy when planning press strategies, pitching stories, and securing placements across all categories. We also realize that PR alone is not enough and that all facets of a brand must be in sync to communicate a unified message that resonates with its target consumer. Our strength is working together with each brand’s communications, marketing, and design teams to create a crystallized PR campaign with exceptional market results.


Digital Services

As the digital landscape has become an increasingly bigger part of the overall PR picture, WG Empire has watched the market and adapted to avoid the pitfalls we so commonly see. All social media and online initiatives have measurable goals so that we can see clear return-on-investment. Clients are hand-held through the ever-changing online marketplace and given competitive analysis and recommendations for strategy and brand building. Our digital philosophy goes back to our core principals, relationships and results. The WG Empire team has cultivated relationships with digital influencers, bloggers, online publications and social media experts and our clients reap the benefits of those associations.